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Thursday, 20 February 2014

MVE (Minimum viable experiment) not MVP in early stage innovation

The acronym MVP (standing for "Minimum Viable Product") has entered the innovation lexicon.

The principle it describes is sound but the word "product", in the early stages of innovation, is misleading.

The first few cycles of of innovation, when users get their hands on our new ideas for the first time, is all about testing desirability. Whether they see value too. It is experimental.

In the first throws of innovation then we should talk about a Minimum viable experiment rather than a product. 

The word "experiment" communicates the nature of the endeavor more accurately. It says its not ready. It needs time. Give it some space. Let it make mistakes.

The word "product" says ship it, cost it, give it a line in the P&L...and that is an innovation killer...

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