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Friday, 15 March 2013

Google reader is more than a daily habit...its an extension of myself....I am truly fucked now

For 5+ years now, like millions of others, I've used Google reader every day.

It wouldn't be stretching the truth to say that the insight and ideas I glean from my daily trawl of my 150 feeds has helped me define my business, who I am even.

I coped when Delicious became a bit shit...I was pretty gutted when they culled iGoogle. Now I just feel my way of working is somehow not legitimate in the eyes of one of the few brands I genuinely trust and "believe" in.

I understand the priority Google have placed on G+. Presumably the 5 tags I put into Delicious a day as a direct result of using Reader, Google now want me to push into my social network. But this desire to force everyone, of all creeds, characters and persuasions to use social networking - to constantly shout, constantly share is.....dysfunctional.

I don't want to share the little things. Most of the value I add to my clients is noise reduction. I see it as my job to take all the thousands of little things, and find the larger patterns and shapes in them for my clients to more easily digest and exploit.

Yesterday I did share something with my social graph - a business we'd invested in had launched its first product - that's something significant I want to tell my social graph about.

But outside of significant thought pieces and news, I actually believe being so visible on the day to day damages my own brand - if thats not too pompous a thing to say.

As it is, since writing this post, I've discovered Feedly....which is much more friendly interface, has just the same swipe functionality as Reader on my phone and presumably, isn't going to abandon me on a commercial whim.

Bad luck Google. Net result. From now on I just spend an hour less with you a day....

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