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system two
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Monday, 9 May 2011

Some social experience principles....

“Brand as publisher" - content is the catalyst around which engagement occurs. Stands to reason, that content and content strategy become incredibly important. Good link here

Fish where the fish are - accept users often prefer to use 3rd party platforms and not necessarily a brands' own website - engage them on these platforms where they have indicated they’re comfortable here

brand authority - the sensitivity we must acquire in understanding our brands’ authority is often limited - in other words - our right to a voice is presimsed on our participation, often for extended periods of time, building credibility and trust here

Iterative / fail fast - embracing the notion that in a connected, engaged world, we must constantly iterate - push new thinking, content, applications etc into those networks where our users exist – growing tactics which resonate (and as importantly) quickly decommission those that don’t work. In other words, strategy is often a drip feeding of a larger number of smaller ideas, as opposed to less frequent, larger ones here

“Architectures of participation” (networks not destinations) - building a brands’ authority through the visibility it has within different networks – thinking of our primary marketing tools as our most engaged networks, not necessarily the websites or destinations we own here

Always on - as is often the case, when something is so intrinsic to a concept - it is often forgotten - social business / media / whatever is always on - you can't have a social campaign - if you invite people to a house party you can't send everyone home just because someone plays a song you don't like

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