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system two
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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The end of brand and the last fan......

The cheapest pair of glasses in specsavers where the best design.....

As resources become more scarce and consumers poorer, the value option will be increasingly the option the majority of the market chooses.

If that's the case, then logic dictates that every brand needs to make its value product the best product, whilst making the rest of their range, less attractive.

Ergo....the concept of brand value is dead. Value has won again. The last 250 years were a blip.

I loved The End of History and the Last Man- it was so brilliantly, arrogant, short sighted and stupid. So 1992.....

There is perhaps a book to write, which riffs on the title of Fukuyama's inverted masterpiece (like Stiglitz did with Freuds' Civilization) and makes the same argument about brands instead.

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