system two

system two
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Monday, 18 April 2011

3 chords and the truth....

TGI, 3rd party research, basket data, online sentiment and influencer analysis, site surveys, focus groups......all routes into the understanding of a brand's issues and challenges

Do you need all of them to develop strategy?

No, the more we have - the more complete the picture - but can we get 70% of the way with just one of them......course we can.

Friday, 15 April 2011

90% of what they're buying......

 has got nothing to do with what they're buying....

why does anyone think selling "the cloud" is a good idea?

no one outside of the technology community has a bastard clue what the cloud is?

marketing is about selling benefits

the cloud isn't a benefit, its an enabling technology

countries as personas

we have limited resources with which to process information

we default to short cuts, bequeathed to us by evolutionary advantage

this we know

one of these short cuts is our common tendency to distil entire countries into single personas

what does this do to our behaviours?

the brand story platform