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Monday, 5 July 2010

CBT is King...Freud is dead - wots that got to do with brand?

Why is this graph interesting for brand & marketing people?

Because the "science" of brand (as created in the 50s and 60s), is based in Freudian psychology. It is, at its core, a top down endeavor. The old world of brand marketing saw doctors, (agencies) deliver diagnoses, (insights) to patients (the brand) about their issues (customers).

Now, everyone who knows what they're doing in the business of psychotherapy (marketing), knows that Freud (advertising) is a load of old misogynistic bollocks (the big idea / insight), based on the sexually repressed society of late 19c Vienna.

Instead, forward thinking agencies (therapists) are delivering earned media strategies (relational therapies) to clients (brands) that are rooted, not in abstract insights (diagnosis), but in the relationship between the brand and their customers (clients' issues)

This could be a book....