system two

system two
start-up thinking in the enterprise

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

60 second - social business - to do...

1. Organisational change - start the journey towards a hive...

2. IT - ask your head of IT to migrate all services to the cloud and to ditch old technologies - if he refuses, fire him, if he doesn't start calling him a marketing technologist

3. sCRM - ask your new marketing technologist

4. Data - start collecting, organising and tagging business data sets - develop semantic mark up plans and release an API in beta

5. Training / awareness - invest in a range of educational initiatives to get staff up to speed with the new world (modify office spaces, increase access to flexible working, implement a Fedex day etc)

6. Marketing - (earned / owned / bought) - stop bought, start earned - demote owned

7. Product - open it up to the crowd