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system two
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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Great talk from head of Pepsi social media....

Long but good....

Individualism and the web...

If accept the web is based on - collaboration, the collective, mutual support, communities and ultimately - sharing

Where does individualism fit in? When you come to think of it - the web is fundamentally at odds with a core tenant of the American psyche....

Its like the web is a way for the American mind to become more European - without having to admit it!

I don't know whether this is on brand - but its bloody funny...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

60 second - social business - to do...

1. Organisational change - start the journey towards a hive...

2. IT - ask your head of IT to migrate all services to the cloud and to ditch old technologies - if he refuses, fire him, if he doesn't start calling him a marketing technologist

3. sCRM - ask your new marketing technologist

4. Data - start collecting, organising and tagging business data sets - develop semantic mark up plans and release an API in beta

5. Training / awareness - invest in a range of educational initiatives to get staff up to speed with the new world (modify office spaces, increase access to flexible working, implement a Fedex day etc)

6. Marketing - (earned / owned / bought) - stop bought, start earned - demote owned

7. Product - open it up to the crowd

Sunday, 11 July 2010

the social world hampers endings...

Endings, of all kinds, are important. They push our minds to acknowledge reality. They enable us to move on. At an ending, we mentally archive sections of our lives, so we can experience new things. So we can grow.

Without endings, without honoring them and acknowledging them, we are left weaker as individuals. We simply end up carrying too much baggage.

And yet...the digital world isn't good at endings. Relationships, work, feelings - they live on in cyberspace. We are constantly asked to reconnect to our past.

Can't be good for us....

Clever chap Nietzsche....

"From the start Christianity was, essentially and fundamentally, the embodiment of disgust and antipathy for life, merely disguised, concealed, got up as the belief in an 'other' or a 'better life'. Hatred of the 'world', the condemnation of the emotions, the fear of beauty and sensuality, a transcendental world invented the better to slander this one, basically a yearning for non-existence, for repose until the 'sabbath of sabbaths' - all of this, along with Christianity's unconditional resolve to acknowledge only moral values, struck me as the most dangerous and sinister of all possible manifestations of a 'will to decline', at the very least a sign of the most profound affliction, fatigue, sullenness, exhaustion, impoverishment of life."

Friedrich Nietzsche, Attempt at a Self-Criticism, 1886, 5

Monday, 5 July 2010

Interesting overview from Lithium on sCRM

because its monday....because I run my own business again.....and because I can

The root of middle class joblessness...brilliant Hugh MacLeod

CBT is King...Freud is dead - wots that got to do with brand?

Why is this graph interesting for brand & marketing people?

Because the "science" of brand (as created in the 50s and 60s), is based in Freudian psychology. It is, at its core, a top down endeavor. The old world of brand marketing saw doctors, (agencies) deliver diagnoses, (insights) to patients (the brand) about their issues (customers).

Now, everyone who knows what they're doing in the business of psychotherapy (marketing), knows that Freud (advertising) is a load of old misogynistic bollocks (the big idea / insight), based on the sexually repressed society of late 19c Vienna.

Instead, forward thinking agencies (therapists) are delivering earned media strategies (relational therapies) to clients (brands) that are rooted, not in abstract insights (diagnosis), but in the relationship between the brand and their customers (clients' issues)

This could be a book....

Friday, 2 July 2010

A marxist analysis of the financial crisis - quite brilliant

To argue wages have fallen in real terms over the last 20 years....bit silly.

Safer ground (for me) in modern Marxism is alienation - no better idea to describe a range of modern societal ills.