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system two
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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A weekly round up...

I bookmark a lot - for clients, tracking memes and to develop my strategy process - makes wading through my delicious tags pretty painful - so from now on, on a regular basis, I thought I'd pull out the highlights from my wanderings around the web...

The modern business plan by Seth (Godin) – here

Mastercard getting into data web marketing, API’s and the semantic web - here

Facebook’s approach to the semantic web - here

The cost of being rich - here

An alternative metro – has had lots of press this – quite amazing - here

A great round up of 3d printing - here

Cos in our new house – I want to make sure our new woodburner heats the house as well - here

Site dedicated to the need for brands to become publishers - here

My own take on developing a content strategy - here