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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Collaborative consumption - great clip...

All I do these days is repost video clips - there are 5 unfinished articles in my blogger account - anyone up for finishing the research and thining for me?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Probably only for geeks this one....

I spent 5 years building a java based platform. We learned to hate .net

Brand social strategy...excellent slides..

A great presentation - although I think the limits of brand friendship are set by the nature and qaulity of the brand more organically than My Wolk might like to admit.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Get religion...

Planners and "changing behaviours"....

Whenever I come across "planners" trying to "get inside the mind of the consumer" or "change behaviour" I wince. Exhibit A above - an ice cream brand trying to make us smile...

Closed off, over educated egos, all with the same bizarrely aggrandized sense of self worth pulling "insights" out of thin air, whilst claiming to have some sort of god like insight into the minds of other men - horrible.

Childish, ignorant, stupid.

The whole of concept of planning when taken to this level - where 60 second ads are elevated to works of science, in the dark science of human manipulation - is truly pathetic.

It shows a colossal ignorance of the human mind - and amongst other thing - no awareness whatsoever of the last 100 years of human psychology and behavioral investigation. I suspect even Freud - the least human of all the mind men - would look with some disdain at the pompous, nonsense that passes for "thinking" from most planning departments.

Students of humanistic psychotherapy learn very quickly that to predict or preempt another persons feelings of behaviours is a cataclysmic mistake. The very basis of psychological distress. Thinking we know someone else better than they, and articulating this, in however a subtle, or round about way, is the surest way to alienate and ruin people

Exhibit b - our current insane western culture which places value at the polar opposite of what is likely to make us humans happy.

In psychotheraputic terms, every time a planner has an "insight" is imposing a "condition of worth" - their own standards, their own outlook, their own view (which if it were perfectly alighted to all the people on whom we are imposing them - would be fine) - but which of course, more often than not, simply jars with the majority of the people who come into contact with that communication and makes them less happy - less likely to engage with the brand.

Making me smile into an upside down Microsoft surface doesn't make me happier. If that smile isn't genuine - then all you've done is take another small chunk out of my sense of self.

Most human beings, in their core, simply can't believe 99% of what passes for a marketing message. That car / razor blade / smart phone / perfume can't make us more attractive to the opposite (/ same sex). At a fundamental level we know this. We've stood at the bar alone - we know the reality of our sexual attractiveness.

When an advertiser tells us differently we are being pushed to accept something we don't believe.

Its wrong. Wrong because it makes the world a less happy place - but also wrong because when you analyse the truly great brands - you realise that they've very rarely participated in this form of abuse.

Forget "getting inside the mind of the consumer" - forget being "the voice of the consumer" - focus instead on true marketing - making your product brilliant - and then openly and honestly talking about that product with the people who care about it.

That is the way you build great, big, f**k off brands - brands which truly mean something to people. Brands which contribute.

Monday, 21 June 2010

applegirl002 makes the dumbest decision of her life...

She creates a global meme - has millions of loyal fans begging her to let them give her their cash directly to see her live and....

She signs a record deal


What a chump here

I don't think this is theatre - I think he means it...

PSFK - the future of retail report

PSFK presents Future of Retail report
I confess I haven't read it in detail yet - but on a quick glance - this looked very interesting - PSFK is becoming a must have resouce....

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

PSFK on planning and intuitive problem solving....

Nice little clip...interesting the weight everyone in the clip puts on what I would call emotional intelligence

Monday, 14 June 2010

Active brand immunity

I was sitting having some nice Sushi in a St Petersburg restaurant on Wednesday – and a good friend and business colleague mentioned a time with his young daughter on the Berlin underground.

He said she had sat down, looked at the ads facing her in the carriage and pointed out to her father “they’re only smiling at us to make us buy things”.

His daughter has acquired what we might call “active brand immunity”. Until the early 1960s, brand immunity simply didn’t exist. 3 TV ads a week gave the typical US brand 90% market penetration. Resistance was futile. Without an alternative narrative – the consumer bought, pretty much, what they were told.

Slowly over the course of the next 20 years, some consumers developed a degree of what we might call “passive brand immunity”, usually off the back of a high profile failure - Nestles’ child baby milk scandal, Exxon’s Spill, The “tooth in a coke can” meme, literature (Silent Spring) etc. They learned to shop selectively. Weeding out the most obviously exploitative, dumb brands but only on an ad hoc basis.

Now it seems, it might be possible that children as young as 8 can acquire ABI – “active brand immunity”. An innate, unconscious rejection of brand messaging as a default - driven by widely available counter information on digital networks about brands, rising social and environmental concerns surrounding their activity and a more general cynicism about the motives of the corporate world (bought on by a seemingly unending supply of disasters and scandals). Bottom line - kids are so informed of the real nature and true activity of brands, that taken as a whole, their potency is reduced.

My strong sense at the coal face of marketing is the idea of brand - certainly the way we understood the concept at the end of the 20th century at any rate - appears to be fading. The concept of commodity clubs – those institutions who are  adding something of real value to a customers world is beginning to take root. If  brands are morphing into institutions which more accurately reflect the desires and demands of their consumer, then that certainly on balance, can only be a good thing.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Germany wins Eurovision.....

Quelle surprise!

The only net exporter in the Union. The only country able to bail the rest of us out.

And they win Eurovision.

Who would have thought it. What a coincidence.

How come we came last though? Are we being punished for being able to devalue?

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