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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

(Inter)nationalise facebook...

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For a while facebook has been the de facto platform on which we have been building the social world. Recent announcements suggest it might become the platform where we build the semantic world of the future - a world of data.

Given this and the fact that these services are so fundemental to society, so key to the way in which we now (and will) function as human beings, it can't possibly stay in private hands.

It must be (inter)nationalised.

It is simply too dangerous to leave that much data - that much insight - in the hands of a private company. We in the UK should know - we have Experian - a business which by a quirk of fate, has access to private data in the UK which authorities in Europe and elsewhere would never begin to countenance (that access I would argue was one of the primary (and as yet undiscussed and undisclosed) reasons for such a severe financial meltdown in this country. Leverage was built on top of Experien data - and their faulty analysis of it).

If the general population was as aware of the power and sensitivy of the data they were sharing on facebook (as they are of their tax or health records) - there would be a mass migration away from the platform. In fact I would go further and suggest it is in facebook's interests to be at least part privatised, to legitimise the key aspects of its business model, and insulate it from more vocal calls for (inter)nationalisation.