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system two
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Friday, 16 April 2010

Using the handbrake to stop at traffic lights...

Whilst watching some bad late night TV I found myself wandering what ads the 70 year old me would be watching (we have a 3 month old daughter – late nights are the norm…)

A part of me assumes media will descend into a Kafkaesque, Minority Report style advertising blur..... but is that really likely?

Assuming limits of person freedom remain fairly constant (and I accept that could be a big if) - peoples right to manage access to their own data might well be a hedge against the worst excesses of our advertising age.

Much more likely - we'll look back on late 20th century brand culture with a quaint distain. The idea of wealthy elites being able to pay to attached meaning to simple, commodistised products as bizarre an idea as Aparteid or a war on terror....

A bygone era.

A product of historical circumstance and cultural ignorance in a disrupted transitionary age - a mismatch between what everyone – and the individual knew - an asymetry of cultural information.

Who - my frail self will ask - would accept the tenuous associations made between a hair dye and sexual prowess, when - by speaking a single sentence to whatever type of computer exists in 60 years time - the origin, utility, environmental impact, social credentials, executive pay structure and ultimate manufacturer of any product can be ascertained as quickly as we now find a brands’ facebook page.