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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Social marketing analytics from Altimeter...great report

Once again - top draw analsysis and simple insight from Jeremiah Owyang - his delivery style is a little stiff but you can't fault the quality of his thinking and the way he pitches his thinking to an audience he understands....

So, good, why?

Well first - because he ties measurement right back to objectives - in other words - only worry about data / metrics which relate to your objective.

Don't have a clearly defined objective? Go back to strategy school here

So for example......if you're setting up a support forum to try and reduce the call times and pressure on a call centre - you measure resolution rate, time and score - and you don't worry about share of voice 

If you're objective is to drive sales - share of voice, engagement and reach are your friends (as well as your existing hard metrics)

Sounds simple - but the truth is, it's news for most.

Second - because good, simple definitions of the key metrics - a commonality of language - is badly needed (and not something many people working in the space have the time or interest in developing)

Third - because a framework (however flawed) - is often better than nothing - to aid initial understanding. I'm not sure I 100% buy it - our 4 categories of sales, web, social and marketing I think are perhaps a little more human (and even more simple) - but I accept the need to drill into the nuances of the "social" category.