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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

If only constantin film's legal execs were half as creative as the people mashing up Downfall...

Most Downfall mashups are now being removed from youtube.

How short sighted of the studio execs. How willfully stupid. If I were their shareholders I would demand the exec team resign - they have blantantly not maximised value.

Imagine if they'd taken a moment to think at all creatively, about how they could leveraged this massive exposure.

Off the top of my head...

1. ask all mashups to embedd a dynamic link at the end of the clip (an ad effectively) for the studio's latest film - massive, instant, cool exposure

2. put a confession button on each of the clips - ask everyone watching them to donate 10p to charity

3. get all the scriptwriters from the best mashups to work on scripts for the studio - if their clip has 1,000,000 views - they must be doing something right - have the stars in the scene film the movie / short film

4. film new clips of other dictators having similar shockers a deal with and create an app which enables everyone to script a similar mashup - adopt a freemium model and diversify the studios' revenue base


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