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system two
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Friday, 30 April 2010

I was a lloyds customer for 20 years till today....

We have 3 current accounts with lloyds - not sure why - we've kind of collected them over the years. All of them had an overdraft - some of them were quite big.

We pay 20% interest on our overdrafts......20% f**king percent.The banks borrow money from the government, for free.

We're doing ok at the moment, trying to sort out our finances so I ring lloyds to put them all into 1 loan and start paying them off.

I'm not a bad bet. Own the majority of my house. Have a london flat, decent salary blah blah....

"no sir, you can't afford it"

err.....but you're already lending me the money, have another try.....??????

They don't budge. No option to talk to someone with a brain. No.

So I used a little of the grey matter....

Who, I think, had the least exposure in the crisis, who might be being savvy about stealing good customers from bad banks?

I'm now the proud owner of a co-operative loan @ 8.9%. All our lloyds accounts in the process of being closed.

One of life's small, but satisfying victories.