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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Burger King's social media efforts aren't working...according to Vivaldi Partners

From a report here.

Wasn't convinced of the value of their analysis until page 35. Seemed their core idea of social currency was getting lost in some fairly generic case studies.

However, the Burger King data was interesting. It resonated with my own experience of the brand online.

That although what BK are doing is at times funny, thought provoking and conversational - it appears they're not building much value into the brand...why? (perhaps their most on brand tactic - the delete a friend app was ironically - the only one to be banned)

My guess is because their tactic of "borrowed relevance" is too general. Its not connecting with the interests and habits of their core users. So a perfume or anthropological study - whilst admirable and whitty marketing casestudies - are not tactics the average 14 year old ordering his Whopper, is too interested in.