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system two
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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

If they want a new f**k pig - give 'em a pig....

Agencies, clients - we get so caught up in insights, in being clever, in data, in second guessing, in analytics.

We engineer so much complexity into simple issues.

People who run farmville don't.

If they hear from their users that they want a new tractor - they create a new tractor.

Farmville sells 800,000 tractors at $20 a pop every day. They made $115m last year.


They don't overcomplicate things. They don't try and outsmart or outthink anyone.

They stick like glue to the needs of their customers.

And they have fun.

Nothing else matters......Listen to what your customers want and build it for them.

It really, honestly, doesn't get more complex than that.