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system two
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

the frog is back...

Treehugger, New York Times, The Guardian, Wired - they all have an app - for which they charge. But having all that different information silo'ed in separate applications makes me have to work harder.

We have RSS. It works perfectly well. Why do I have to reformat my new habits?

The whole app thing smacks of the ringtone "craze" of the mid 00's - of old skool media men building artificial walls around content to try and sustain a dying business model.

A company I was running at the time spent thousands developing online audio editing software so our users could create realtones, in real time. A complete waste of time. By the time we launched everyone had figured out how to link a song in their phone library to an incoming call.

The music industry loved realtones because it represented an opportunity to turn the clock back - to charge for content because of the specific format in which it was being used - it was the virtual equivalent of the CD (if that makes any sense). Newspaper love apps for the same reason.

***Update*** interesting post here