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system two
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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

wagging tales....

At the moment, in the US the (sector) tail that wags the (economic) dog is the military - for good historical reasons. 50 years ago we needed tanks and planes - a lot of them - and the government didn't need a dodgy dossier to back the argument up - bombs falling out the sky were all the persuasion anyone needed to agree to fund the armaments industry.

In other words there is no inherent conspiracy to the status quo as we find it today.

Rich people simply find themselves owning weapons manufacturing facilities and they want to make themselves richer – so they push for wars so they can make more weapons - its human nature.

Presumably, if rich - powerful - people owned as many wind turbine manufacturing plants as they do bomb factories, they'd insist on green “interventions” in random parts of the world, on a decade by decade basis, in order to plaster the countryside with windmills instead of cluster bombs.

$250,000,000,000 (5% of GDP) is spent on defence in the US. In 50 years the same proportion will likely be spent on green energy, because that's where the mandate for change will be – and the world will happen to be a safer, happier place because of this – but it will be by coincidence not design.

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