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system two
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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Don't make me print...

Print media designer have no more time to capture the attention of their readers than their online cousins. But while most of us online abide by the laws laid down by the brilliant Steve Krug - too many offline designers come up with ads which demand more time (and brainpower) than most readers are prepared to invest.

Online we have 8 seconds to grab attention - do offline marketers really have any more?

Time and again I see offline creative I want to put lines through - reams of boring, unreadable, ugly text. Colourful boxes, superfluous lines, weird icons and inexplicable motifs - this isn't creative - the visual hook is where print advertising starts and ends. If you’ve forgotten to be creative and bold at the photo shoot - all the KSP's you like on a page won’t make anyone take notice of your ad.

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