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system two
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Monday, 10 August 2009

where's the downside?

For a lot of us long lunching Europeans the debate raging about healthcare on the other side of the Atlantic all seems a little odd.

My over-riding sense is - "what have you got to lose?"

Is "socialism" really a worse scenario for the majority of you? Might being a bit more "French" actually have some upside? What is it about the system you've got, that so many of you can't do without?

Outside your healthcase system - a shattered economy, a deficit bigger than most of us can comprehend and by all measurable criteria, a falling standard of living (and well being and happiness) - it doesn't exactly add up to a well balanced, 21st century society. So why not shake things up a bit given the majority of people want it?

I mean, when there's a majority who want something, generally it should happen right? That's what democracy - the thing we in the West are so keen on spreading - is all about right?

Oh I see......