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Sunday, 30 August 2009

So where's the bruise?

The latest Murdock rant against democratically assembled media here in the UK, saw the BBC take another punch, below the belt, from the billionaire media tycoon. Sky's never been good with democracy....

Outside of the fact that public satisfaction with the BBC rests at record highs, why, if this issue is so significant for you Jame,s is the example you come up with not from within the same channel? Instead you give us radio! We know the humble wireless has been dying since Freddie sang about it. Is this eclipsed format really the biggest threat you face?

Or, is the truth, that your business model has been hit by file sharing and digital technologies - we might say, the democratisation of media - and you have no convenient body to attack?

Murdock's problems have got little to do with the BBC and everything to do with a management team, out of their depth in the new world.

When someone hits you hard - the blow usually leaves a mark - and I don't see any bruises on the Sky business model inflicted by the BBC.

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