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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

James Bond and moral ambiguity....

There didn’t used to be moral ambiguity in the 007 movies.

Bond never dilly dallied around solving side issues - if there was a nuclear bomb going off - he prevented disaster - if there was a war being started - he stopped it. He focused on the issue at hand - he didn't f**k about - he confronted an issue.

Why then, do we have a government minister in Quantum of Solace, making the excuse to M of doing business with sociopaths, "because the world's running out of oil". Go and bloody find some then you dozy, privately educated numpty - or drive a prius. You’re James Bond for gods sakes, not Magnum f**king PI.

We in the West have always been rather more practical in our support of the wrong people when it has suited us. From time to time we've had to turn a blind eye to inexcusable behaviour because a more significant issue exists we can’t be bothered to solve - African poverty, US religious extremism, climate change etc.– but James Bond....he's meant to be different.

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