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system two
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Thursday, 23 July 2009

open source loo roll...

This is the new loo roll holder that's just been installed in the Dig for fire toilets.

Aside from pointlessly reinventing a piece of technology that didn't need to be made exponentially more complicated – and, ignoring the fact that this plastic monstrosity, not only visually pollutes my toilet visiting experience, but massively increases its carbon footprint - its proprietary.

I can only use this loo roll holder with the manufacturers loo roll. The makers have  designed the spindle (and presumably patented the design as it if were some sort of leap in scientific understanding) in a star shape – to force the user into a lifetime of loo roll monogamy (their loo roll incidentally is significantly less soft that the stuff we used to have).

So at a time when many of the worlds more progressive brands are going “open source” and adopting open standards - here is a one that is actively grabbing back idea "real estate". It might appear trivial - but nevertheless iIt is in congruent, anti-competitive, backward and inhuman – in short – everything that mega brands are always being accused of being.....

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