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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

the dead girl.....

Why the the f**k is there an Iranian girl, coughing up bloody and dying on my computer screen as I sip my coffee this morning?

Does anyone linked to Iran - that most fascist and backward of Islamic states - truly believe that this is an acceptable way of behaving towards it citizenry in the 21st century?

Of course they don't - but (as with all religious people) those within the Iranian regime who give orders to fire indiscriminately at their populations - are burdened by guilt. And guilt corrodes our humanity.

Aside from the fact that the historical story of the Christian faith (and that of all the other major religions) is so obviously just a mash up of different superstitions and pagan rituals – guilt is what I truly despise about religion – both the presumption and tolerance of it. Such a heavy burden, when trying to figure out who you are.

Yes we all know religious people have a lower IQ than atheists, yes we know that religion is just a device to keep rich people – well rich – and yes of course we know the Catholic Church and all other “faiths” have been buggering, slaughtering and humiliating their customers for 2000 years – but its guilt that makes religion such a deadly poison in our modern society.

If we are ever to consign religion to the dustbin of history, we will not do so with rational, Dawkins style belief. We will do it by figuring out a way of helping vast swathes of the world's population come to terms with their guilt.
From bible bashing red neck racists - to misogynistic mullahs - to tight lipped, “church going” middle England. If we can figure out a way of helping those people come to terms with the guilt they cherish - then there is a chance we can rid the planet of religion - the world's most destructive meme.

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