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Monday, 11 May 2009

twitter and linked data....

after figuring out a really clever way to use twitter to drive an application we're hoping to build for axa - and having just read a post from tim o'reilly about how twitter saves him time here - I'm starting to get my head around some of the root causes of its popularity - I've never been an early adopter - I'm only half a geek - I like to see which things appeal to my "normal" side before I dive in usually

I spend 2 hours a day, reading blogs, pulling ideas out of the web and figuring out how brands can use them. for people immersed in the online world - keeping up with the sheer array of people who might be interesting / useful / interested is one of the major challenges - I now get how twitter has helped force the condensation of these conversations to a manageable length

but its the data that we're able to pull from its API which might still make me a real fan. I'm a linked data cheerleader - and to be able to sample such a rich stream of sentiment from across the world so easily I've realised is massively powerful - yeah you can do it from traditional social media platforms - but the simplicity of 140 characters makes it so seductively easy...

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