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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Strategy before operations – why most digital agencies can do better…

I haven't yet worked in a digital agency which has a decent strategy process to use with its clients.

They’ll tell you they have one – but where’s the bits of paper? Who in the organisation has a strategic training and spends time on it? And more importantly – when was the last time they actually used it and followed it though?

Only by developing a solid strategy (vision of the future) can brands then figure out what they really want to achieve - and from there – what to build / design / launch to get there.

It’s understandable in many ways. Human nature suggests that having won an account, the temptation to jump into operational mode and prove you are delivering something often means a strategic look isn't taken as clearly, or for as long, as perhaps it should be.

Something I I've picked up from years of working with the people at strategic thinking group, is without a clear, tangible process that enables people to paint a simple vision of what they think the future will look like - good things come harder.

My own ideas are coming soon….

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