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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

are we f**king stupid?

I'd forgotten how powerful the writing of Noam Chomsky is.

“Manufacturing Consent”, “Hegemony or Survival” - masterpieces - because they speak truths - real, difficult to admit, deep down, "bollocks he's right" truths.

He came to mind reading about CIA water boarding.

Fact is - anyone of us would admit to blowing up the twin towers if you nearly drowned us 180 times a month – why was this pretty obvious logic ignored by everyone? Chomsky would consider this "manufacturing consent".

When dissident Saudi pilot flying planes into skyscrapers - that is terrorism. (Lets all stop pretending it was illiterate Afghani tribesmen with 3 hours behind the wheel of a crop duster shall we?)

And when the US tortures detainees - that's also terrorism right?


How is it that basic, logical statements like the ones above (which are kind of irrefutable unless you believe the world was created in 6 days - or you're thick) - get ignored? The reason, if we're being honest, is because those of us doing the ignoring, don't hold the same point of view as the people being ignored.

This embedded collective blind spot is the mechanic behind the manufacturing of consent. It is this hard wired, tribal, group instinct which leads to so much dysfunctional behaviour in the world. It is the reason why, whilst 30% of Americans find themselves obese, millions of others on our tiny planet die of hunger. It is the reason our economic systems routinely collapse. The reason 1 in 3 of us are unhappy.

Us humans - we're f**king stupid sometimes....

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